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Ship and Crew Management
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Over a Decade of Professionalism

Seavie Caribbean Limited is a partnership with the Caribbean Maritime University, grown over a decade out of a need for professional crew management in the region geared towards international shipping. 



Each and every colleague at Seavie Caribbean has the insight and motivation to influence, intervene and take the safety lead in every aspect of the way we manage our processes, irrespective of rank, position and occupation.

We are guided by our respect for each individual, our commitment to working responsibly and fairly together, combining our strengths, and our determination to continuously improve and innovate.

Map of the Caribbean region overlayed with images and text showing flight times from Jamaica up to a two hour flight time radius
shape showing two hour flight radius from Jamaica
shape showing one hour flight radius from Jamaica

Two-hour flight range

One hour flight

Convenient central location in the Caribbean region

  • The entire region is within a two-hour flight zone

  • 400 international flights weekly from 40 airlines

  • Direct flights to major international hubs in Europe, Canada, US and Panama

A Unique Source for
Highly Qualified Seafarers

Picture of engineering students from the Caribbean Maritime University working on equipment in the university's workshop.
Photograph of seafarers from the Caribbean Maritime Institute wearing khakis and helmets.
Cadets, representatives and personnel from the Caribbean Maritime University, Seavie Caribbean and Stolt Tankers pose for a group photograph.
Photography of cadets from the Caribbean Maritime University wearing khakis and hats.
chef preparing garnish
female IT Engineer in server room
  • Seavie Caribbean Ltd acts as the independent National Crewing Agency in Jamaica, providing services to the wider Caribbean and beyond


  • We are a spin-off company from the Caribbean Maritime University, continuing our strong partnership and bond with the University

Seavie Caribbean logo
Caribbean Maritime University logo
  • We manage highly educated and qualified maritime professionals working on high-tech vessels worldwide, in all ranks up to Senior Officer and Engineer, focusing on Commercial Shipping


  • We source, place and manage seafarers from Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Antigua and Peru, much to the satisfaction of our principals

harbour with blue waters active with commercial cargo ships and tankers
Container Ship carrying cargo in harbour with other ships
Picture of tanker ships at sea in the process of exchanging chemicals or gas

Extensive Tanker Experience

  • Our officers and crew currently work on ships operated by a variety of first-class gas tanker shipowners (LPG / LNG / FSRU's / FLNG)

  • Compliant with Tanker Industry Requirements

  • In ranks up to Master and Chief Engineer

  • A growing pool of currently approx. 150 officers

  • Audited for compliance annually by Maritime Authorities, LR and each of our Tanker Clients

aerial view of tanker ship at sea on calm blue waters contrasting the read top of the ship

Certification and Links

MLC Certificate of Compliance 2024-2029_
Seavie Caribbean certificate of approval

click image to view

Learn about seafarer certification and more from Maritime Authority of Jamaica

Maritime Authority of Jamaica landing page

IMO White List

The about page of the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network's website

We are a member of the
Maritime Anti-Corruption Network


Learn more about the training of our seafarers

Landing page for the website of the University of Trinidad and Tobago showing it's Diploa in Maritime Operations - Navigations programme
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