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Our Services

Benefit from our bespoke processes, systems and shore personnel expertise, combined with highly trained, cost-competitive seafarers.

aerial view of tanker ship at sea on calm blue waters contrasting the read top of the ship
Picture of black, Caribbean ship captain doing paperwork at his desk

Crew Management

Cargo Ship at Sea

Technical Services

Safety helmets and vests hung on a wall

HSSEQ Services


Other Services

Icon showing thre figures in helmets under the title "Crew Management" higlighting the crew management services provided by Seavie Caribbean
  • Sourcing, selection and recruitment

  • Crew planning, rotation management, payroll management

  • Crew  training  and  development

Picture of black, Caribbean ship captain doing paperwork at his desk




•Access to the wider Caribbean area for sourcing of officers, engineers, ratings and hospitality staff

•Access to a pool of Jamaican seafarers with unique experience and highly trained to Tanker Industry standards

•High level of training capabilities through partnership with the Caribbean Maritime University

•IMO White List for STCW compliance

•ISO 9001:2015 and MLC Certification

•Equal opportunities: a good number of female officers and engineers employed

Cargo Ship at Sea
Icon showing ship at sea under title "Technical Services" highlighting the technical services provided by Seavie Caribbean
  • Planned & Condition Based Maintenance

  • Marine & Technical Superintendency

  • Other: Vessel documentation, Class inspections, etc.

Icon showing helment and safety goggles under title "HSSEQ Services" highlighting HSSEQ services provided by Seavie Caribbean
  • Pre-vetting inspections

  • Risk assessment

  • HAZOP, HAZID, FEED, RAM, ... studies

  • Vessel specific HSSEQ procedure

  • Long expertise in LNG FSRU Operations

Safety Wear
Icon showing hands clapsed in a handshake under title "Other Services" highlighting services provided by Seavie Caribbean
  • IT services  (Marine IT support)

  • Insurance: H&M, I.V., P&I, War, Loss of Hire

  • Purchasing and Logistics

  • Management & Admin

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